The Wooden Rose Update

Hello, all! I thought I’d check in and give you a quick update on where things are with The Wooden Rose.

At the moment, TWR is with my editor and should be back sometime next week. Which means I will then go through and apply all the edits, as well as give it a thorough once-over to do proofreading and final checks. Once that is sorted, I shall finalise all of the formatting, send that information to my cover designer to get the paperback cover. Then comes the setting up for publication!

At this rate, it is looking like I shall have TWR out sometime in mid-August. I’ll start ramping up my marketing (which I really, really, need to do a lot of) and start doing some giveaways and see about getting book reviews.

Basically, the fun part of the writing process (the writing and editing bits) are just about done and I shall move into the mysterious climes that are marketing. Somehow, I am still pleased with this.

And, if you want a bonus scene for TWR, you can sign up to my newsletter and it will include a newsletter-exclusive link. (Once it’s published, of course.)

Best wishes,