Planning a new book and waiting for an old one

Last post, I had just finished The Keeper of the Wild Places. I can now inform you that it is available for ordering on Amazon, with a release date of October 1. The paperback is in production, too, and should be released on the same day, but with the way technology works it might be a little delayed. Now, if you’ll excuse me, I’m going to go squeal in joy.

But what’s also exciting is that I’ve started planning out the sequel, Between Song and Sea! In this book, Livingston intends to continue researching magic, despite criticism from the academic and scientific worlds. He ventures north to a town called Tallmadge, located at the edge of the sea. There, he finds Mara, an herbwoman in training. But Mara isn’t all that she seems, and there’s definitely more magic in this place than even he could have anticipated.

Between Song and Sea will feature selkies, sirens, and other magical practises, as well as adventure, danger, and, of course, love. I’m having a blast planning this book out. Mara is turning out to be so sassy! And Livingston is starting to give as good as he gets. They’re adorable and such a pleasure to work with.

Now that my writer brain has taken over, I’ll leave you and get back to actually planning the rest of the book. Then, on to writing!