One Step at a Time

This week, I finally started working on The Head-Heart Debate! I’m barely into chapter 2 and already loving these characters. There’s a lot that has to be done to really flesh them out and make them lovable, but if I already love them, I think I’m making good progress. (Of course, I’m the writer, so I might be biased.)

However, with the good comes the bad. I’m feeling, in general, like my writing has been going really slowly of late. Part of it is that I am busy doing several things at once. I have my romance novels to work on, stories for my speculative fiction name E.G. Stone, not to mention book review videos (and blogs, though I haven’t had one scheduled for a couple of weeks, which has been a nice break), editing my author interview backlog and all of the other admin work that comes along with having your own business. Well, except for serious marketing effort. I’m just not in a space right now where that sort of thing makes sense, so I’m focusing on writing, connecting with people on social media, all the other stuff, etc.

The other part of me feeling like I’m going slow is that I actually am going slow. My RA has been holding steady in “super annoying pain and also extreme fatigue” mode. It’s not getting worse (well, okay, it is, but not suddenly. More like in increments) but it is not getting any better, either. I’m managing. I’m definitely doing all the things I need to do when it comes to self-care and also keeping up with work. But everything does take longer to do. So I’m going a bit slow.

But you know what? I’m not stuck. I’m making progress. I’m in love with Andromeda and Dax as main characters. They’re already proving to be such charming people to write and I’ve barely scratched the surface of chapter 2. Okay, so I’m not writing as quickly as I would like. I’m not behind, though. I’m making progress and it’s steady and consistent and it’s going to be a good story. I just have to remember that tasks are completed one step at a time.

Of course, my desire to do projects does run a little faster than my ability. I think I have about three new series I want to do, just for the romance side of things, not to mention everything else under the speculative-fiction side of things. I shall have no shortage of stories to write! 😀