Indecision, a Writer’s Nemesis

As you may know, I have recently planned out the second book in the Forgotten Magics series, the follow-on to The Keeper of the Wild Places. Between Song and Sea is ready to be drafted, which is every exciting. However, it will likely be a long process of writing, since I have a couple of other projects in the way that I need to work on simultaneously. It’s a bit of a bummer, but that’s just how things work sometimes.

I have options, though, to make the wait time less long. Only, if I do this, then the release date for BSaS will be pushed back, since I’ll be adding one more project to my interim to-do list.

Let me explain this apparent conundrum.

I have several already-written stories that are either stand-alones or part of an almost-complete series that I have been holding on to for the moment when I wish to go back and rewrite them for publication. I love these stories. I have worked very hard on these stories and I have always intended to go back to them, polish them and show them off to the world while smiling ridiculously.

Also, I have the first book in a cozy mystery series that I could work on, too, and absolutely intend to do at some point in the very near future.

The proposition would be this, then: I take one of the books that is already complete and just requires rewrites/polishing, do said rewrites/polishing, and release it. Then, there wouldn’t be quite so long a wait between Keeper and the next book, though the wait for Song would have to be pushed back since I would be doing rewrites. Not as long as writing a different book from scratch (so many ideas, need to prioritise), but long enough.

A part of me really wants to do this, because I like sharing my books with you lovely readers, but also because I dislike waiting so long between releases for no good reason other than I like holding my books in my hands. The other part of me wants to publish Song before I do anything else, just because I’m really, really excited about this series and I already adore the characters, even though the story has only been storyboarded.

When I discover which desire will win out, I’ll let you know. For now, I am very close to finishing one of my fantasy projects that I write as E.G. Stone, and want to do that before anything else.

I hope all is well with you and that you are enjoying the weather, whatever that weather may be. Here, we are finally getting into cooler temperatures. It’s wonderful, and I’m wearing all the sweaters I can.