Happy October!

We have made it to October! It seems so strange that we’ve made it this far. I mean, September only started yesterday! But now the weather is cooling down, the leaves are turning magnificent colours, and I’ve a hankering for making some muffins (though, to be fair, that does happen more than just in the cooler months).

What October also means is that we are 31 days out from NaNoWriMo! National Novel Writing Month is always the high point of my end-of-year activitiies. Theoretically, that should be the holidays, but I’m a grinch, so I much prefer NaNoWriMo and Thanksgiving. Buckling down with a blanket, some sort of hot drink, a cat, and nothing before me but words? It’s a marvellous feeling. The extra challenge of getting 50k words done in a month really makes me think and sweat simultaneously. It’s not that much of a stretch for me to do, normally, as I can get a full book in about two months or so, but it is enough of a push that I always feel really thrilled when I manage to accomplish it.

This year, I’m going to be doing two stories. (Yes, I am slightly crazy, why?) I want to really dig deep into The Head-Heart Debate, which other ongoing projects for the moment have pushed back. I have only barely begun that book and I want to get it drafted by the end of the year. I’m really excited to dive into Andromeda and Dax’s story. The characters have barely begun to speak to me and I already love them.

Then, I’m going to be working on a book for my other name, E.G. Stone. This will be a Princess and the Pea reimagining, the first in a trilogy talking about strong women who have to deal with real life problems. Book one, The Strategist, will deal with Melisande, who has a chronic rheumatic illness (self-insert, anyone?). Book two, The Muse, will be a Snow White reimagining where the main character has debilitating social anxiety. And book three, The Warrior, will be a Vasilisa the Fair reimagining (a Russian fairytale, if you aren’t familiar with the story) where the main character is dealing with battered person syndrome.

Many plans! I just have to get everything ready and buckle down to do the writing. And if I cheat a bit and start the process a little earlier than 1 November, well, oh darn!