Edits are done!

All the edits for The Wooden Rose are officially done! I finished them off yesterday, and I’m feeling a little stunned that it’s finally sorted out. (Though, I think that might just be a result of not enough chocolate.)

It is always a little strange to me to finish a project. Okay, yes, there is still more to do in regards to putting together the blurb, finalising the cover formatting, setting up the Amazon page and the paperback and all of that wonderful stuff. But as far as working on the actual writing? Done! And I feel a little sad to see it go.

I love writing. I love working on projects and creating stories to share with the world. But every project I finish feels a little melancholy at the end because it is going out into the world…without me. The characters will become real, the pieces that are solely in my mind will fall aside in favour of the full book. And I won’t be writing these characters anymore, won’t be exploring the story.

After about a day of this, I start to get really excited again. I get to share a story! I get to publish a book! It’s just about the most glorious feeling in the world to see your book in print (or e-book, depending on what formats you’re using). Something that I created is making its way into the world, and I absolutely am thrilled.

Right now, I’m sort of in between those two stages with The Wooden Rose. I think I’ll just revel in the fact that there is still a bit of work to do to get the book ready for publication. And then, I’ll celebrate its journey and send it off into the world.

Then, I’ll have some more chocolate.