Kyle Livingston is in the northern town of Tallmadge to research magic for a book. Only, the lake monster that he came to see is a myth, and the only magic in the area is in the form of the local herbwoman, Cait Del Sol, and her mysterious granddaughter Mara, who seems to have a strange connection to the ocean. But when this useless research trip turns into something far more, will Livingston have what it takes to put aside his research and dive headfirst into the magic, or will he turn away entirely?

Mara Del Sol was born of a selkie and a siren, then given into the hands of the hedgewitch, Cait Del Sol to raise. For her entire life, Mara has hidden from the ocean for fear of being hunted down for her unusual heritage and the magical potential she holds. When her magic begins to manifest, just as a stranger comes to Tallmadge claiming to be researching magic, Mara is wary. But magic cannot be stopped, and hers is wakening.

Between Song and Sea is a slow burn, enemies to lovers fantasy romance about two people who are trying to find their way in a world where magic is waking up, and the ocean calls. The second book in the Forgotten Magics series.