When You Can’t Find Words

Recent moment when you couldn’t think of anything to say.

This is the fact almost every day when I go to do social media…ing (it is a verb, isn’t it?) to connect with other people on the various platforms’ writing communities. I am definitely not a natural connector, and with that added barrier of the anonymous internet, I find that coming up with something to say is actually really hard.

It doesn’t help that building up an author platform is part of every strategists’ marketing plan for author types. The pressure is immense.

Basically, I do my best to overcome this by remembering that the people of the writing community, no matter the platform, are real people. Often, they’re very interesting, clever, entertaining, and super friendly. And some of them come up with the most wonderful things to say! But they’re people. I can connect with people. Or, at the very least, I can try.

I don’t need to put on a front with the writing world. I can be who I am without pretence. And I think that if I remember these things, I’ll be able to find something to say. 

Now as to the marketing side of things, I have nothing.