What Can Happen in a Second?

What can happen in a second?

In a second, your eyes will meet. There’s tension there; that invisible wall that everyone keeps up when in an unfamiliar situation is still up. But something tells you both to lower that wall. To blink and to meet each other’s gaze again. This time, you see each other. Truly see

You may not know her name. You may not know whether he struggles with paying bills because he’s been sending money to his family. You don’t know anything, really, about the other person. Likes, dislikes. Interests, hobbies. Whether they’d rather curl up with a blanket and a book than go out dancing. Or whether they have three cats and a guinea pig at home. But you know more than you think.

It’s called a spark. A connection between you and another person. Your souls connect and while you don’t know why, you can’t ignore it. This person could be your best friend. They could be the person you call at three in the morning because you can’t sleep due to the demons keeping you awake. They won’t care; they’ll answer and be there. Or this person could be someone you can call your nemesis. You don’t actively hate each other, but you push the other to do better, to be better, because they’re trying to beat you. This person could be your soulmate, the person you hold in the darkest of nights and with whom you want to share your life and your heart. 

You don’t know this person. But all it takes is a second to realise that maybe you want to.