Trying to Not Get Distracted

Okay, here’s the thing. Having just recently moved, there are a bunch of things to be done on the new house. For one, the appliances are either a) not working or b) working but barely. Then, there’s a whole pile of poison ivy in the backyard that has to be taken out. Painting the walls. Removing the carpet (because I’m allergic, yay). Not to mention just going to the grocery store. Basically, I had not realised how busy everything would be.

The random house-related busyness means I am distracted. I am working just about at my usual full-time right now, minus a couple of hours per day where I have to sort out things from the aforementioned list. However, my work to-do list is also long. I’m publishing a series rapid-release style with my science fiction/fantasy name (E.G. Stone, for those who do not know). I’ve got marketing to do. Editing for a client. Random business stuff. None of it is unexpected, nor am I overreaching on my scheduling. I am, quite simply, easily distracted these days.

I feel very much like I’m moving slowly, despite knowing precisely what I am doing and when. It’s a little disheartening. I just have to keep reminding myself that I am moving forwards, even if the progress seems limited. Like with Keeper. I have started the rewriting process and that is moving faster than I anticipated. Granted, I haven’t yet gotten to the chapters that require writing from the ground up. I am merely rewriting the first half of the book right now, which means I can keep a bunch of what was there before. Once I get closer to the halfway point (chapter 16 through about 20 or so) then I have to start writing chapters from scratch. That, though, is hardly a chore for me, writer that I am.

There’s no greater point to this blog post, nothing terribly exciting to update you on. I am simply moving forwards and, while I am moving slowly, the progress is still pleasing.

How are you? Are things well, or is the universe doing its best to throw frogs at you? (Don’t ask. Really. Don’t ask.) I hope you have a good day, and find something wonderful to read.