Dove Graves lives a quiet life, running the family cafe and keeping her head down. But when a world-famous movie director and his assistant appear in her cafe, practically begging her to star in the latest film, how can she say no? Stepping into the spotlight might reveal that her sad eys are anything but an act.

Actor Weston Blackwood has topped too many charts to be working on a romance movie. But to repay a favour to his director friend, here he is. Only, the leading lady he’ll be working with is like nothing Wes could ever have anticipated. He’s absolutely certain that no real person can be that quietly sad and unfalteringly kind. He might just be wrong.

Dove and Wes must learn to overcome their past and look to the future, whether that be on the screen or off. The only problem is that healing is harder than anyone could have anticipated. Both their hearts are on the line as they try to discover what’s real, and what’s merely pretend.

The Search for Reality is a romantic drama about healing from past wounds and finding love in the most unexpected of places.