The Search for Reality: Character Introduction

Good news! I am just about done with the edits of Search for Reality! I am surprised at how well it went, considering I haven’t looked at the manuscript for several years now. The story is better than I had initially thought, and I haven’t changed much at all. All of this means that once I get a book cover for it, I shall go ahead and get it ready for publication. In all likelihood, this should be out at the end of February!

That means it’s time to tell you a bit about the characters. I’ll tell you more about the story next week.

First, we have our main character, Dove Graves. She graduated from university with a degree in philosophy about six months before our story begins, and currently works at a cafe that was left to her by her father. Dove is a soft beauty, with a pleasant smile, chestnut-coloured wavy hair, and blue eyes that are her one striking and superior feature. Sad eyes. Eyes that do not fail to draw you in. She is relatively even tempered and more likely to reply with a kind word than a sharp one. Dove is an old soul, and one not entirely opposed to adventure, though she likes to play it safe more often than not. Her touch of daring, though, is what lets her agree to Charles Wash’s job offer, and sends her towards the arms of Weston Blackwell. But what everyone sometimes forgets is that sad eyes are not born, they are made.

Weston Blackwell is Dove’s counterpart, the second point-of-view character in the novel. He is a successful movie actor, featuring in films both in Britain (where the story takes place) and in the American circuit. With his name recognition, his undeniably handsome features, and his practised charm, it is no surprise that he’s made many lists in popular magazines. But he is trying to move on from his past, and to do that, he is determined to repay a favour to his director and friend, Charles Wash. Wes is a bit cynical, perhaps too used to the limelight, and bound by expectations. Still, he is intelligent, loyal, and goodhearted, and naturally gravitates towards Dove. Some secrets, though, should not be kept and Wes’s past has the potential to rear its ugly head and bite.

The other characters in this book are mostly side characters, since I focused a great deal more on the main characters in this story than others. This is a stylistic choice, and I think it works decently for this book, since I am trying to weave a two-person story rather than create a world, as I am doing with other books (namely Keeper and its follow-ons, which are still in the works). However, we see several characters who are important to the story, and who I like quite a lot. Charles Wash is the film director. Marc is his assistant. Meg is Dove’s good friend and mother to Timmy. Roman is Wes’s friend and also featuring in the film. They are important to the story, but don’t get nearly as much screen time, as it were, as our main chracters.

So there you have it! A taste of who is featuring in The Search for Reality. I am really excited to get to share this story with you and I hope that you will enjoy the characters as much as I do. I mean, I may be a bit biased, but I really, really like these characters.