Onwards, Scribe!

The move is done! And by that, I mean, I’m in the new house, the furniture is mostly where I want it and about 2/3ds of the boxes have been unpacked. I had forgotten how complicated this process is, and I can tell you the house is nowhere near done. However, I am back at work, doing my best to write stories and make progress, and Minnie is doing her best to help. Thank goodness for split keyboards so I can still write with a cat on my lap!

As far as writing goes, I have finished replanning The Keeper of the Wild Places. The ending is far more dramatic than I had originally thought it would be. There are magical storms, confrontations with antagonists, and desperate declarations. I’m really pleased with the plan for this novel and I cannot wait to get it ready for publication.

On that front, though, I still have to actually rework the writing. I had about 60k of the book already done before the replanning phase. Most of that is still usable, though I will emphasise the drama and shift a few scenes around. I am going to edit some of the internal character thoughts and make those scenes more action based. It will take a fair bit of time to piecemeal everything together, but I think the end result will be so much better!

I honestly do not have a timeline for how long this will take, as my usual mode of reworking a story involves rewriting it from the ground up and this is definitely not that at all. I am also working on several other projects, though not nearly so intensely, and all at different stages of production. I am aiming for a fall publication, though, and will keep you aprised of any updates!

Between the move and reworking this novel (and others that I write as E.G. Stone), my life feels a bit chaotic right now. I am slowly settling back into a decent routine, but it has taken a lot more out of me than I had anticipated. Part of the problem is that I am currently in an autoimmune flare, which limits my ability to move and sort and organise. I can however write, and by golly, I’m certainly going to do so!

Here’s hoping you have a wonderful day, and read many lovely books.

~ Evelyn